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Re: One-Shot

I realize I'm incredibly late on commentary for this story, but thought I might share some remarks. I enjoyed the imagery. The simple, yet vivid manner in which you describe everything is very well done. It puts you in that cracked seat of the narrator. The narrative itself was intriguing. An hones...

Re: Josh...

You mentioned life, the universe, and everything in one of your blog posts. If I told you WHY life, the universe, and everything REALLY, TRULY equals 42 (validated by the late Douglas Adams), would you allow me to give you $45 to retroactively get in on the Kickstarter Black Friday Beta tier? It's ...

Re: secret messages

Slymodi wrote:
jawdan wrote:Sly, I'm amazed by how much you have improved your English skills since I last visited the forum. Well done!!
I'm confused about this statement
I'm a native speaker :think:
I live in America ._.
Erm...awkward...I must be thinking of someone else...

...still, good work! xD

Re: Abandoned ships

Here's what I propose: <snip> Very nice, well done. One thing you didn't address is HOW you salvage it. Maybe like mining, where your ship cuts and uninstalls intact weaponry and collects scrap metal over a certain period of time? Does the ship disappear after you do this? And I've suggested this b...

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