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Re: My historic mailbox is about to shut down

... perhaps it was because, when you wanted to compose a new message, a mailbox client (or at least the current Thunderbird) cannot access the text-editing features (and emoticons) exposed by the browser interface? I don't recall any problems with text-editing features, and I never use emoticons an...

Re: Net Neutrality

Personally though, I fear all of our efforts are for nothing. I don't think the FCC cares. I don't think the government cares. Those four companies have already paid off and acquired the vote of dozens of congressmen. Aye! You left-pondians have got a problem. I'm not saying us right-pondians don't...

Re: Spambots

Damocles wrote:
Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:14 am
Or asking any 1 time poster with a possible spam message: "would you like me to delete your post?"
<chortles> I once had a 'bot post on the Oolite forum, and its only content was 'Please delete me!' I duly obliged.

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