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I don't know how people feel about this but I've gotten an impression that it doesn't differ that much from the point of view I am holding on. You don't need to spend so much time talking about what's happening in your devlogs Josh, I am happy with one or two sentences, the most raw update on what h...

Re: Dual Universe

They broke their 500k goal, as I said in irc... a small step for a game but a big step for simkind :D . Now they have to demonstrate "just" seamless transitions without stutter, enough players have to be online to keep everything running... Im not 100% convinced on the technical side. Well, they've...

Re: Dual Universe

Cornflakes_91 wrote: how is a thread about DU not relevant for a thread about DU..?
for one, your questions are very offtopic.
for the other, I hoped to see content of a very disparate nature.

I am sorry for making a mistake.

Dual Universe

So ... today at 00:00, Dual Universe got 500k euro needed to kickstart their game. They're releasing update video for that occasion, including battle mechanics and all that ... Anyone else following the development of that? edit.: I am not posting this in Games because I am not sure it belongs there...

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