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Re: Welp

Intuitively, I feel it's best if the forum closes down but the community survives and moves elsewhere. Though his final statement probably brought some short-term catharsis, in truth Josh's troubles have probably just begun. That's because LT will slowly become a wound in him, and it's going to be t...

Re: The End

... but I think people are being a little *too* understanding. At some point you needed to have re-evaluated this process. You didn't and now here we are. People are being considerate because they are aware of the effort Josh has put in these last six years. He even did what you are suggesting -- r...

Re: Welp

Future visits will be necessary at the very least to keep an eye on the community-driven initiative to complete the game sparked by Josh's release of the source code.

Re: How Should Non-Combat Features Be Promoted?

Put the player in the middle of an escort mission, guarding a faction's research or mining convoy through an asteroid field. Have it come under attack by a "bandit" faction, only for the battle to be joined by a rival faction's strike force to disable and capture (but not destroy) the convoy, for a ...

Re: Pyre

This is a truly fantastic game. I curse the fact that it's not 2011 anymore and I can't just pull an all-nighter to keep playing, as I did for Bastion back in the day.

It seems Kasavin and crew can't do much wrong.

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