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Re: 64-bit game version

I should let you guys know that i expect the game to be able to have 2000 frigates, 2000 destroyers, 4000 fighters, 500 cruisers, 100 battleships, and 20 dreadnoughts, AT LEAST, in one system. (those are MY expectations which may be impossible to meet but I'm highly optimistic about performance in t...

64-bit game version

The biggest questions I have always had for programs or games like this is, what would 64 bit bring to the table in building the game in 64 bit? would it help the program have more access to ram? would this increase performance for the game by allowing potentially several stations and planets and se...

steam workshop

assuming that this game is moddable i think it would be best to integrate the game with steam workshop so that it easier for those without technical expertise to mod instances of their games. and simply just subscribing to a mod would be a lot easier.

Station Hardpoints, launchers, missiles, phasers/beams, and pulse weapons

could we control a station and its weapons and hangars like a normal ship except you can't move? the addition of banks for energy weapons would force the player to make the decision of whether or not to direct all energy to engines/shields while their pulse and phaser/beam banks are low to escape fr...

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