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Re: Welp

I'll ride this train all the way to the railyard.
Even if this site goes down, hopefully the pattern of people will persist.
starts downloading all the threads in Suggestions, just in case

Re: The End

And so it goes. Thanks for the ride, Josh (and Co). Perhaps later, in a few years, you'll look for that old project of yours and find it risen again from its ashes, in the hands of the community. (Or maybe you won't have to look for it, because you'll be an active member again? :squirrel: ) Keep us...

Re: EVE Online

I think I heard some murmurings about this a couple months ago. I'm not invested in EVE (I think I have two accounts that never even flown destroyers), but I hope the new management doesn't drive the game into the ground like so many other acquisitions have. EVE's done really well, struck a formula ...

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