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Re: Cute Animals

Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Happy birthday, codeape ! :D I remember seeing some of your posts, but you haven't posted recently. Hope to see you again sometime soon. :D And happy birthday to you two as well, Tsjernobyl and Zeray ! :D Though Zeray never posts, and Tsjernobyl has not been here in months, I still thought it would ...


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[13:48:10] <Detviet> QUACK!
[13:48:11] <Quackthing> Quack!
[13:48:15] <Detviet> break a jewish cookie
[13:48:15] <Arethusa> Goats
[13:48:17] <Detviet> oh
[13:48:24] <Silver> HA
[13:48:26] <Detviet> xD

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