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Re: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Silverware wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:18 pm
Josh! You know what you need for the Kickstarter update?
A group photo with the new guys, standing under the LT banner from the convention things you brought the early demo thing to. :V

... would definitely be a nice touch and hammer home the fact that LT is no longer a one man show.

Re: Friday, March 17, 2017

I'm not sure if I'm entirely alone in this (some people were certainly unhappy at the time about the amount of effort being spent on it), but when Josh was spending month after month on experimental UI concepts I was a really happy Kickstarter backer. I didn't care about the consequent delays, beca...

Re: Sunday, February 12, 2017

HappyGhecko wrote:Hah, it still pays off to visit this forum now and then. :ghost:

Grumblesaur wrote:Wasn't X Rebirth a truckload of awful on release anyway?
it still is.
The only game ever that I actively removed from my Steam games list for good. That's how much of a trainwreck it was. Colossal failure.

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Would say more like his prototype but add a few things ;) + the better graphic + the new UI + more systems / sectors but limited + better AI but limited in its capabilities + bit more game play (scanning, trading, crafting etc.) Oh he already had it Lets destroy what we have because we need somethi...

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Made a post about the same and ask what feature he could drop that is causing the performance problem but one would also have to look at what hardware he is testing because I dont agree with that it has to run on a 10 year old crap pc. Guys & Gals, you're all missing the point: it's not a *feature*...

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

Did you get the same 'thrill' reading all this that you did when I released an update video? ... Maybe? :shifty: Very much this. Josh, I appreciate the in depth look you gave us on your current progress and hardships. I do think, however, that you're misreading the community's expectation regarding...

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