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Re: The End

Josh, I can only speak for myself. Thank you for trying to bring a game with seemingly insurmountable complexity to life. Don't look at it as a failure. Look at all the things learned from it. Your skillset has improved without a doubt. The past years also have shown - to yourself more than to anyon...

Re: Limit Theory OST

Sounds amazing. Definitely has a spacey vibe. You should check out Mechina, their music has a similar vibe to this. Yeah, I like Mechina a lot, especially the dark story their albums tell. :thumbup: Edit @Hyperion: Also, Ludovico Einaudi as a choice for space music is certainly not a bad one. Just ...

Re: Limit Theory OST

As "space music" I've grown to like Enshines work. The 2015 album called "Singularity" in particular. Fair warning, if you do not like growling, this might not be for you. I'd categorize it as ambient death metal, sort of. Also, I don't like to file music in categories.

Re: Ship model concepts

I would find a discussion interesting on how certain traits of a race are reflected on ship design. Since I am taking ship generation will be procedural aswell (except for the handful of ships created with the ship designer), it would be nice to be able to get a sense of a races main traits and prio...

Re: [ FORUM UPDATE ] : Feedback, Known Issues, Etc.

I'm pretty sure this has been brought up, but I'll just say it for emphasis: When I click on mark all forums read I do not need a popup, telling me that all forums have been marked read. Instead, I'd like to see the icons on the forum representing the status 'nothin new, man!'. You know, like in the...

Re: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Silverware wrote:
Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:18 pm
Josh! You know what you need for the Kickstarter update?
A group photo with the new guys, standing under the LT banner from the convention things you brought the early demo thing to. :V

... would definitely be a nice touch and hammer home the fact that LT is no longer a one man show.

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