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Re: Friday, March 17, 2017

When you were describing that split, I was reminded of prior logs on the split between the low-level AI, or maybe behaviors, and the higher-level AI that decides which behaviors to do. Low-level is high-frequency, local information, and generally....well, not necessarily simple, but the problem is w...

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

Glad to see you back, Josh! Cheers to Dinosawer for posting the update on the subreddit. It's a complicated emotion in the thread, isn't it? I find it easy to agree with those who are frustrated. Also easy to agree with those that are overjoyed to see signs of life again. A bit like ripping off a ba...

Re: A Similar Game Development Learning Track?

There are a few different paths here. Traditional is to study computer science (or similar) in general and take up games later. This includes a lot of things many people don't consider sexy: data structures, algorithm design and complexity analysis, math, etc. Writing a modern game from the ground u...

Re: Battlezone

Daaang, I remember this quite fondly! :D I recall one mission in BZ1 where you had to snipe a soviet driver out of his tank and infiltrate their base with it. Good stuff. I think I'll check out your revival link, cheers man :D

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