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Drunkbele <Bele> I am home <Bele> I am drunk as fug <Bele> AMA <narwhalz0111> What is a fug and how drunk is it? <Bele> I brought a 96% bottle of spirits to the party <Bele> it is now at 1/4 <Bele> I drank maybe half of that <Bele> good times <narwhalz0111> so <narwhalz0111> quite drunk then :V <Bel...

Re: Elite Dangerous

I've said this before but he's the reason I got into playing E:D. :3

Philip, going FA-Off exclusively is A BLAST OF FUN AND FRESH AIR. It's amazing. <3 You will never want to go back. I still chafe at having to use flight assist due to my lack of more than one controller. :P

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