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Re: Buy real European documents, Buy original US passport, Buy registered IELTS certificate

I'm rather amused by the fact that you can buy a "baptism certificate". It's like the ultimate fake. I swear I was baptised see, here's the certificate! I must ask what situation someone would ask for your baptism certificate? * cracks knuckles * When you want to receive the Sacrament of Confirmati...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

Watched the gameplay video. Looks like a fun game. :) I don't play many FPS games so likely I would royally stink, but maybe sometime in the future I might give the game a shot. I am slightly astonished at all the hype though... sure there's a lot of extremely cool stuff (coolest of which are the cr...

Re: Oolite

And beware: most games have some sort of paddling-pool-and-water-wings beginning to ease you in. Oolite takes the rather more Darwinian approach of heaving you straight into the ocean, often with a brick or two in your pockets for luck! Good, that's what I'm used to. :3 Some of these newer games bo...

Re: Oolite

O.O Wow, that looks pretty good! I ran through the screenshots thread linked earlier and Oolite is nowhere near as ugly as I was expecting. It looks like Elite Dangerous with the graphics around medium, actually.

Maybe I should try it sometime. Does it work in Linux, by any chance?

Re: Kerbal Space Program

Here's a picture dump from a single orbital flight in my very heavily modded KSP install #3. The primary focus is on realism and graphics. Such graphics... never have I seen KSP this pretty :squirrel: :squirrel: it beats some AAA games I've seen! :twisted: Album. Here's one image to tempt you into l...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Eyyyyy well done :D

I made Elite in Combat a little over two years ago, but have yet to make Elite in Trading or in Exploration. I think Trading is at Tycoon right now though :3

Wish they had another rank for Xeno Combat... I'd be climbing up there pretty quick c:

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