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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Meanwhile, IronDuke is over in the Pleiades Nebula, fighting Thargoids. I wiped out two Cyclops-class Interceptors this week, back-to-back without heading to base. Soon I'll be able to destroy the Basilisk-class as well! :D I also took out a small squadron of Scouts that thought I was an easy target.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

I should mention also that the rocks you explode are permanently destroyed forever. It'll take a while, but eventually, the bubble is gonna start running out of these, and people will have to start looking farther away. In the meantime though, ALL HAIL THE GOLD RUSH. They actually do respawn, so we...

Re: Elite Dangerous

And I just earned 70 million for 40-50 hours' exploration. :lol: Very relaxing though, and I got to see some really, really amazing things that I never knew could look so wondrous on a screen. Frontier can make universes superbly, whatever one may say about their combat or netcode or offline ability...

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