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Re: Saturday, June 3, 2017

No way! I am not the only lurker round here , cool! :D Regardless, this game will be the best space opera ever! Mock my words!!! Sadly by the time I heard about the Kickstarter campaign it already ended and I did not get a chance to get myself a copy :cry: I even posted in a thread around here somwh...

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

astearon wrote:I've also known about a language that looks promising. It is both compiled and jit capable and they are aiming towards a full stack language.

Perhaps it might help you:
excuse my sloppy typing..just woke up and remembered about red :)

Re: Mod Ideas

I'd like to try out and make a singleplayer campaign on the forge environment from Homeworld from a first person perspective. Flying through the ancient dilapidated Forge that's as big as a solar system (at least that's the impression Homeworld gave me) would be awesome! The main goal of this might ...

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