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Re: The Pudding Thread

Dinosawer wrote:
Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:16 am
That's not a bug, that's normal (previous forums did that too) since the title is a changeable thing per-post, not per thread.
As evidenced in this post. :ghost:
Hmm...yeah, I get that. I thought in the previous forum the title would get changed to the new title if parts got split off.

Re: [ FORUM UPDATE ] : Feedback, Known Issues, Etc.

All the posts from the "The Official "Hi, I'm new thread"" that Tal moved over to a new topic called "Acronyms (smth)" except the first still have "The official "Hi, I'm new thread"" as title. So, when you read the answers and the topic title above em, you could think you're still in the "Hi, I'm ne...

Re: Communications Gameplay in Limit Theory

So, in the end it's still a little unrealistic that you have an average of 1-2 bits per word... Thats why it's 1.0-1.2 bits per letter. :P Yeah it was 1-2 bits per word I wrote originally, but that was from misremembering it. Just change bits to bytes there and you get the same effect, and the same...

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