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Re: Star Citizen

Actually, what I'm really asking is, as someone who gets his SC news only from Derek Smart's twitter, are there robust counter arguments to his position. No need to worry about stepping on toes. Right, so Dr. Dr. Smart. The man whom cannot provide any proof that he holds a PhD has flip flopped his ...

Re: Star Citizen

I really don't care all that much though until they have player interactions added to the game it will likely have a small group of players. This is very much the case for the MP portions like Arena Commander and Star Marine, PU being what it is due to performance issues. 3.0 launch date has been e...


I'm not too well informed on how things are handled now with this game but back when it first launched each episode was worth just under $10 CDN. However they might intend to start releasing "seasons" for cash instead of episodes.

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