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Re: Noticed we're almost done with June and don't have a May or June update. Dark Ages once more?

We still have a third of June left; hardly "almost done". The Kickstarter page has always moved slowly, and with the addition of two programmers to the LT team, you can expect there to be a hiccup in the posting schedule, as it's probably going to be more in-depth. (We might even have input from the...

Re: Steam Achievements

I like achievements when they're optional, difficult tasks. The ones that just mark milestones in the standard progression of the game are a little silly. Exception made for "The Part Where He Kills You Now" in Portal 2, which was very silly, but clearly intended to be a joke. Because Limit Theory a...

Re: Hi Adam!

vector67 wrote:I think the fact that you noticed Adam's registration is only slightly stalkerish :ghost:
The red name sticks out.

Re: LT Feature List Discussion Thread

Boarding requires too much of a first person shooter aspect to make it properly interesting. i dont see how boarding requires fps elements. It could be a highly abstracted room/section based tactics game. "Attack this room" "do x in room y" Lore justification can be produced as needed (player being...

Re: LT Feature List Discussion Thread

No boarding or salvaging? That's unfortunate, those are some of my favourite features from previous space games. Boarding requires too much of a first person shooter aspect to make it properly interesting. I'm sure that scrapping could be implemented in the same sense as mining, but probably not in...

Re: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dammit! Here I am hunting for jobs and Josh had an internship position?


Sounds like a bright guy you hired, Josh. Good luck to the both of you. (I hope you're paying him well!)

EDIT: Oh, and get him to make a forum account and contribute to your devlogs! We want to hear from him too!


Dinosawer wrote:You could, and someone did before, but you don't visit irc enough to maintain it, so it'd probably just end up being down all the time, like the previous one.
I would just run it on an EC2 instance in a bash script that restarts it if it hits an error. Problem solved.


I could make a bot that transmits messages between an IRC server and a Discord server.

Re: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rawr. I had almost finished this log when I accidentally closed it before having saved. Why hadn't I been aggressively saving after every few keystrokes like I usually do when I'm in vim? Gosh, why are you not writing it in vim in the first place?! I don't like to write any non-trivial text outside...

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