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Re: The End

As we all know, there have been iterations of the code over the years where something vaguely game-like was actually playable, and was often rather pretty (e.g. the early video diaries, and the prototype). With all the refactoring and engine work, my impression was that the codebase -- at the point ...

Re: The End

I definitely agree with the practice of quoting enthusiastically in shell scripts, even when it's not strictly necessary. My theory is always that accidentally using too much quoting will cause immediate problems which are easy to debug (removing the quotes, when necessary); whereas not enough quoti...

Re: The End

It's no big secret Python is a slow language that can't be JITted well either, he should have put in a day of googling to find the fastest scripting language from the beginning. There was never any need to even consider Python for this game engine, so that was even more time wasted on a guaranteed ...

Re: The End

Hi Josh. Great to hear from you, and especially to hear you sounding pretty ok -- a bit of decompression time seems like it was very beneficial. I can understand why there would still be some lingering guilt, but I honestly hope that with more time you find a way to let it all go. Sure it's disappoi...

Re: Helium Rain

Now available on GOG (and 30% off as a launch deal). * * There is a Linux version, which clearly wasn't the case earlier (based on previous comments here). Apparently they have open-sourced the game, whi...

Re: Underworld Ascendant

The part I find the most difficult to believe is that they were really that deluded about the state of the game they were about to release. I do understand how it's possible in general for developers to overlook what newcomers will see as significant flaws, but it seems like a tall order to apply th...

Re: Oolite

Flagon_15 wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 3:44 am
on the other hands, LTheory does fulfill my space related needs so far...
Evidentially your space related needs have thus far been fairly slight.

p.s. How many hands do you have?

Re: The End

boxcartenant wrote:
Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:10 pm
So.... ummm... Where's the source gonna be?
I guess we'll find out once he's released it. If you want to hack on it at that point, and it's not where you'd like it to be, there's unlikely to be anything preventing you from putting a copy elsewhere; so I don't imagine it matters, really.

Re: The End

Selling code is work on its own. No offence, but he'd likely have to put in a lot more work to make his code "commercial or other end user ready". And then it's still work to support the code, else there likely won't be any customers. I don't see a real business model there. You're reading more int...

Re: The End

Perhaps those who are interested in game engines will glean a thing or two from the engine, as it is a fairly solid piece of engineering, much more solid than the Lua game code. Hi Josh. I neither know the state of the engine code nor understand the game business, but I'm aware that game engine lic...

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