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New space game released on Steam. Build your own capital ship and fight other player's creations in a procedural galaxy! Capture ships and build your fleet, unlocking upgrades and ship schematics! Explore the galaxy and build up your home station! - Build you...


Victor Tombs wrote:Will be getting the game on the day of full release. :D :D

Edit: The kickstarter didn't need my support. :angel:
Victor Tombs wrote:And then I made the mistake of visiting their website. :oops:
37 min of will power :lol:

Re: No Man's Sky It doesn't get much better than this, davdav. I get these people and they obviously understand what people like me want from a game. :D Exciting! :angel: That's true, it's really exciting. I just fear to be desapointed if I've got too much expectations.

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