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Re: How much do you need for multiplayer?

i would suggest a temp ban(mute) on the next batch of people who suggest multiplayer as its clearly stated as not being a feature (at least for LT1 perhaps it could be worked into LT2 when a new game is built and it could be worked into the system from the start) that being said the last suggestion...

Re: Oculus Rift support?

great to see this already here as I was just about to post it :) Hmm a few of the latest games have been looking at utilising the new virtual reality headset that was funded on kickstarter called the occulus rift (Miner Wars, Doom 3, Hawken) Oculus Rift details:

Re: How much do you need for multiplayer?

hmmm I wonder if there is a way for you to outsource its production / creation.... Maybe if you get enough money you can pay a team to design the multiplayer aspect / system of the game - just a thought. No pressure, you are doing a great job and I know as the success grows it gets harder and harder...

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