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Re: EVE Online

I triede EVe online, and this is the biggest cesspool of the worst of the human race, depraved, racists, evil spirit, evil minded, bullies and I am restraining myself choosing careful my words, because no all are like that but I will say at least a 80% are. Really a game that I will never again touc...

Re: Star Citizen

I wonder why you always have to put note on that online aspect. Because of the irreversible damage the failure (I hope it does not fail) of SC could cause to all the players, we in one way of another use the online method to stay connected. Also the damage that would create towards kickstartes and ...

Re: Star Citizen

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Kambalo wrote:that will destroy MMORPG for good.
what has that article to do with MMORPGs?

i mean, yes, if SC fails it will likely blast crowdfunding for games, but why should it affect MMORPGs?
It will damage all the future kickstarters funding projects. Seriously affecting the future of any MMO

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