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Re: Share your Chassis knowledge and experience!

1: Looks like all Intel 9th Gen processors easily run hot. 2: Is there actual merit in them, or is it because word of mouth repeated without first-hand knowledge on the subject? 3: The general consensus is that a 120mm fan-based air cooler is not going to keep the i7-9700 cool enough in all scenari...

Re: Share your MoBo knowledge and experience!

Do not be sorry! You have named 2 valid options and I will give both serious consideration -- I promise :thumbup: Right now I am trying to see how diffuse (and useful for me) is the USB Type C on a PC. So far I have seen it only on a few smartphones (my own among them) and notebooks. The Type A is ...

Re: Share your MoBo knowledge and experience!

Hello Naed, your help is very much appreciated :) 5: Let me rephrase, do you have specific add-in cards that you need slots for, beyond the slots for potentially SLI? This matters because of spacing between cards. My bad -- did not understand. I do have another GTX 970 graphics card, from Zotac. It...

Re: Share your MoBo knowledge and experience!

Hello, and thank you for the assistance. Coming from a build of 10 years ago my knowledge on current gen hardware is lacking at best. I do not need help with a complete build, though. Other than the CPU I am only changing Motherboard (and RAM) for now. To answer your questions... 2: i strongly beli...

Re: Share your MoBo knowledge and experience!

1: Thinking that some day I may want to upgrade CPU again (without changing MoBo yet again), I would like the MoBo to have the chipset Intel Z390. 2: While Gigabyte's can mount both AMD and Intel CPUs, they tend to lean towards CrossFire and not SLI. 3: If multi-GPU ready, I want it to be SLI, beca...

Re: The End

kostuek wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:46 pm
So this is kind of an Adam's fault now? Sorry, but that's pretty cheap.
Talvieno wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:27 am
I don't think speculating about that sort of thing will help anyone.
Yeah... Indeed.
I would recommend that you read it again.

Have a lovely evening

Re: The End

Thank you. - for dreaming big. - having the tenacity to try your hardest. - for giving a rag tag group of people a place they can call "home". - for, by the sheer act of being who you are, fostering a community that is a more than the sum of its parts. but most of all, thank you for looking out for ...

Re: Nervous

I'd love to offer my time to Josh for free. But we all know he holds the game too close to his chest to actually accept others helping. :P Plus, if I did anything we'd go through another five rebuilds of code and end up having the entire game run from a single 3 kilobyte file that contains everythi...

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