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Re: Skyrim

Ah yes, the Abuse of the user tagging system.
Psychological Horror added to most of the crap.

Search to exclude it in things and you generally get the better stuff on Steam.

Re: Stellaris

I agree with Cornflakes argument.

However, 100% agree that 2.0 isn't magical and great, it has a TON of issues.
But I still feel that this move was better for overall gameplay.

And future patches and DLC are just going to make it better.

Re: Dying

The question is whether the death of a player should be an event with consequence or whether the consequence should solely lie within the loss of assets. Loss of assets is a consequence, thus player death is an event with consequence. I *believe* that you are asking if player death should have sign...

Re: Dying

I disagree! You're assuming that consequences focused on the player are the only ones that matter. Death without penalty simply means that fights only matter in the assets you lose and the damage done to your other assets. Fights mattering is important, but I don't think that should be achieved by ...

Re: Dying

There are only two options here really. Save/Load or Death Penalties. To prove this: 1) Ending the players game when they lose one fight is "Not Fun(tm)" 2) Allowing Save/Load and including penalties for Death results in Save Scumming which is "Not Fun(tm)" ( Incidentally this is why XCom is best as...


Is it possible to order a ship to ram another ship if we need a last ditch effort to win a battle? (Obviously doing it yourself means game over) Should be, Freelancer had some small physics damage, and Josh loved that game. However, do remember, with the advent of shields, ramming becomes a mostly ...

Re: Yet another random Silver program thing

I've loved this kind of thing ever since Stellar Empires back in '93: [SNIP IMG] (Still available, apparently: ) So what happens with this one next? Yeah, I am fairly sure I have played Stellar Empires in the past. ... Actually playing it suggests tha...

Re: Yet another random Silver program thing

1505 stars from memory in those two shots (although it could have been set to 1000). It was supposed to be 2000, but the name lists weren't long enough, and I don't have a fallback name generator yet to add extra names beyond the initial ones, and the game wont allow duplicate names to generate. The...

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