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Re: Stellaris

Stellaris is on sale on steam for like 30 USD including all the dlc. I think I'll be picking it up this weekend. Well, I intend for us to game tomorrow so... you could join us if you pick it up. Get a crash course in it. AND get to play the DLC (before buying them) Multiplayer host determines which...

Re: Stellaris

No diplomacy, instantly removes the ability to win as a team. This means that anyone playing as a Fanatical Purifier is going to be screwed, same with devouring horde. The robot version can still be friends with robots. So they are fine. I would expect role-play will drop immediately if we actually ...

Re: Skyrim

FormalMoss wrote:
Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:39 am
Skyrim SSE uses 13Gbytes.
Skyrim uses 8.8 Gbytes.
Keep in mind, some of this is the extra textures and models for the godrays and stuff.
The rest will be the Creation Club bullshit.

Re: Stellaris

Seeing as Synthetic Dawn releases this week.

Who would be keen on another megagame. But this time, we split into two teams.

One team of squishy meatbags who avoid all robotics.
The other as Robots, bent on consuming/destroying all organic life.

Re: 9/11

Graf wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:16 pm
My dad was entering the Pentagon to go to a meeting when the plane hit the section he was heading to. He was late to his meeting- a few of his colleagues who were on time didn't make it.
/me hopes he went and bought a lottery ticket that day. That's lucky as f.

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