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Re: Stellaris

This is going to be great to play when I get home, but I hope it doesn't break ship pack mods, a lot of the ones I have haven't been updated in months. It... might, there is the Titan and Colossus classes and if they don't have models there might be an issue. However it should be trivial to fix. Si...

Re: Stellaris

Bought when I woke up and checked my emails.
Tonight/Tomorrow I will be playing.

Talvieno has first dibs for Multiplayer, but any other people wanting to join will be welcome.
Discord for voice, because then we can get drunk and make stupid jokes too. :ghost:

Re: REKT Signature Generator

Local JS. I guess that explains it. It's not really that big of a difference, at least. Yeah, local JS would alter settings based on browser, as well as version. Very much expected, although now you say that, I am going to have to take a looksee. Luckily for you, that will wait until tomorrow. You ...

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