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Re: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

This is a great vid, with Travis on-hand to talk about how to play the game better Yup, 2 hours is long, but it's excellent. Already pre-ordered mine, and hoping my 760 can play it properly at 1080p on a 55" tv... :squirrel: From what I've seen, I wouldn'...

Re: Books!

Read book 7 of The Expanse. Without spoiling it, I gotta say, they think up some EXTREMELY AWESOME WEAPONS. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Doesn't matter, it'll never match the weapons used in the Lensman series. When you are plucking planets from an alternate universe where matter cannot go slower ...

Re: Rocket Lunches

May the next 50 years see us recover the Apollo spirit of exploration. 50 years from first powered flight, to landing on the moon. 50 years on from then sees us move from room sized computers, to wristwatches with more power, from a megabyte the size of a car, to a terabyte that fits in your pocket...

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map

Cody wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:08 am
Colour code: #8000FF
Nigh impossible to read, but your call. I won't define your life. (except as #FFF for those without a will)
Ringu wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:42 pm
<Desperately hoping Doctor Who is the last name in the system>
He'd be the first.

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map Based on the info on the map, I've constructed this, to keep a track of who is when. Custom colors, and updates to your timezone need me to manually edit a file, but that's limited effort. It works on lat/long, using that to figure out your Timezone, and t...

Re: The End

Just to show how my code looks when being written for a production environment. args="" if [ -n "${MASTER}" ]; then args="${args} -S ${MASTER}"; fi if [ -n "${CLIENT}" ]; then args="${args} -C ${CLIENT}"; fi if [ -n "${POLICY}" ]; then args="${args} -k ${POLICY}"; fi if [ -n "${POLICYTYPE}" ]; then...

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