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Dinosawer wrote:
Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:03 pm
Adblock seems to be unable to prevent pages from opening new tabs even though I explicitly block all pop-ups
I haven't had issues myself.
Chrome + AdBlockPlus works wonders. Even blocks Facebook ads now.

Re: UPS (uninterruptible power supply)/ power bank/ power storage

For one, I never suggested that every ship needs those, I put Jump Drive in there as an example of that. in 90% of ships I expect that option is grayed out. And with dynamic categories, you just have a mess. Think of this from a UI standpoint. It's easier to grey out an unusable option (eg refinerie...

Re: UPS (uninterruptible power supply)/ power bank/ power storage

Except that theres a lot of sliding scale between a fighter and a capital ship. And unless you want to bullshit around with how much watts are a pip algorithmically its easier to just let the player define how much power e wants to transfer per hotkey press and the rest just with more or less conti...

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