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Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

Made a quick mod, starts you off with Glass Cannon, Explosion Immunity, Revenge Explosion.

Holy hell that's a fun way to start the game. :V
Even with just Glass Cannon to start, a lot of shit explodes. But in that case I need to figure out spawning you with a chainsaw wand rather than a bomb wand.

Re: Mind F*

I was thinking that I'd stick to something like a Node based "overworld" The pathways between nodes would become fixed by their existence, and this is where I'd put my primary infinity generator. Each node then is a "room" or a "level" and could pull from any number of generators, this'd allow for t...

Re: Mind F*

Just looking at these maps makes me anxious. Did you beat this game? haha Depends on how you define "beat", silver has to beat his laziness to actually make something worth being called a game there :V This is the case, I've kinda gotten stuck on what I want to do with it, and started playing with ...

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