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Re: The End

This is what makes me the saddest:
it has been quite a long time, if I'm honest, since I was actually working from a place of inspiration
I really hope that someday you'll return to a place where that can be true again, even if it's not related to LT.

Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Happy birthday, Aiha! We miss you!! I know you still hang around sometimes, and I'd love if you'd drop by and say hi! :P I hope you have a great day, and hopefully a gift of a great new sci-fi book(s)! I totally missed this post, oops Thanks! I'll drop by eventually, I think. But no, I didn't get a...

Re: RimWorld

I actually didn't know you could do that... the dev tools are still so full of surprises. Just today I learned you can stick prosthetics on any body part you want. Replace your colonists' arms with legs! Put eyes on their toes! Put legs in their eyes! So many possibilities.

Re: RimWorld

BFett wrote:That's a pretty good idea for a Rim world mod. Have the colonists build computers to play games on. Then give it a minor break risk if they loose and decide to rage quit.
Instant berserk state if the computer loses power for any reason while a colonist is gaming.

Re: Music!

And I'm the industrial metal / drum & bass guy. :lol: We'll probably get along... I'm the general industrial girl :ghost: Funny enough, I was just revisiting a couple bands I haven't listened to in a while, which both do dnb/metal and are associated with the industrial scene one way or another, Hea...

Re: RimWorld

This is one of those games I actually voluntarily bought at full price and it was definitely worth it. Would elaborate but am on phone. :ghost: In summary: all of the detail in it results in amazing stories, sorta from the combination of what you do with your colonists (who all have personalities/ta...

Re: Music!

Ooh, a rare Aiha post and a rare e30m post (and not just one, but two!). :D Personally I've been listening to a lot of chillstep lately. I doubt either of you guys would like that much, unfortunately. :P Aiha posts are rare because first I need something interesting to say... :V and I never have an...

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