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Re: The End

I would like to say something that I hope more people can relate to. Josh, I backed you up on your Kickstarter campaign and I'm sad that I didn't see LT come to fruition. That said, the wonder of crowd funding is that each person can donate a small amount of money, and together we can amass enough f...

Re: Thank You Josh Parnell !

My take on it (from this thread ): Shortly after a shiver of excitement about Elite: Dangerous rolled over the Oolite boards, I stumbled across Limit Theory, and was hooked, not least because the story of a talented and visionary young programmer single-handedly re-inventing the space sim genre rem...

Re: Star Citizen

To me, the whoe SC or LT question is like the "blonde or brunette" choice.
If I can decide whatever way I like, I take both of them :D They're just so different, yet the same space taste - want to have them both :)
These different experiences should deliver loads of different fun. Like it!

Re: Thank You Josh Parnell !

Am I the only one that gets impression we hereby witness rising of new Chris Roberts? I surely think if Josh keeps his passion up and keeps developing his skills, he may one day become Chris Roberts Junior ;) Whatever the outcome, it's certain this guy has a lot of skill and is worthy of being suppo...

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