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Re: Limit Theory Development Summary: May & June 2017

I clicked it. Nothing happened. (Before anyone says anything, I'm kidding.) Here, try this one: OMG, I am so going to report this post! Thank the stars my sound was off, or he'd be ringing in my head all night!! ...

Re: Limit Theory Development Summary: May & June 2017

Oh my.. thanks Hyperion.. I didn't know what you were referring to... The "FinallY" was the same colour as the thread title, and got lost and I only saw Josh's update here.. Thank you JoshMeister for the kickstarter update :) (reading it now in earnest) Now this is what I love to see, just lots of c...


ROFLMAO - Oh, I had some real doozies back then :lol: :D Quote 196: <formalmoss> ooh cornie - you know we can't talk on a public channel like that ~~ added by Cha0zz on Oct 14 2015 Quote 197: <dwmagus> real article -

Re: Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm happy to see a new devlog, but after reading I get sad knowing I have to wait a long time to read another one :) It is, as others have said, awesome to see LT moving along even when you are deep in fighting forum fires and punching SQL stuff in the face. I have a gut feeling the next devlog wil...

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