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We've missed you being on, Formal! :lol: I am trying, however, when I attempt to connect via the link in my profile; I get the following error: Error Connecting (Closing Link: by (Use a different port)) I'm goi...

Re: Limit Theory @ PAX South 2018 Recap

Charley_Deallus wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:58 pm
I forgot what Josh looked like. 🤪

Awesome to see the whole team and a demo. Great job! Pats on the back all around! I can’t wait to hopefully have my dream of a drone/robot space pirate fleet.
I would so love to see this too Charley - share a save file so we can enjoy the goodness :lol:


So, to go along with the quotes and stuff below, here is a nice little toy. This is a live feed (if it connects) of the #limittheory IRC channel. It's fed in by Goatbot, so if he dies, you are out of luck. But it'll show you what messages have popped in since you have ...

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