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Re: Pledge Transfers

dawa11 wrote:
Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:14 am
Ups forgot to Check that i get notified, still looking for a Pledge.
dawa11 wrote:
Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:03 am

I´m looking for a Kickstarter Pledge.

Beta Pledge Levels (45$ Black Friday or 60$ Beta) would be preferable, but i also would take one of the 20$ Pledge Packets.
Ditto :D
(Black Friday or Beta)

Re: Skyrim

I am amazed. At 13 hours into vanilla Skyrim SE (it runs better on my rig that the original Skyrim did), and it is blowing my mind. I have never followed the storyline in Skyrim before :o :shock: In the past, I was too afraid to use the Shouts element of the game, as I just wanted a wander where I g...


So, for the first time since the creation of LT IRC, Bele was absent from his OP spot for two weeks. As he was the "owner" of the channel, or on the top-OP tier, Gamesurge's policy is to unregister channels at that point. I had to register it in his stead, and am now Lord of IRC. :twisted: ALL HAIL...

Re: No Man's Sky

So you never left the first solar system cuz all the planets looked the same? What, all 3 or 4 planets? 18 Quintillion star systems to visit, but because the planets in 1 solar system looked similar, you quit. ok then... I was playing "with" friends at the time. I visited all planets in the local s...

Re: Skyrim

Probably a disease of some sort. I seem to remember there being a disease that would do that. Check to see. Also check to make sure capslock is off (walk/run toggle) and you aren't sneaking. Thanks Tal, this, I hope, is all it is.. I started a new game on SSE, and I must say, the visual fidelity su...

Re: Skyrim

So, I played Skyrim SE over the weekend and sunk a lovely 6 hours into it.. However, I then tried to sink some newbie hours into vanilla Skyrim (original) and I've hit a snag I think. I was looting a body when being fired upon by arrows.. Something barrows something, up in the mountain when trying t...

Re: Skyrim

OT: Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but for anyone who is availing of the Skyrim free to play, I found this invaluable for setting up my unusual 20" monitor (1600 x 1200): Have fun, I'm liking Kaijit this time round :D

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