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Re: The End

The State of Limit Theory (Google Spreadsheet) Wow @Tal, thank you so much.. It's a shame Josh didn't show this to the rest of us, back when he was developing LT. We'd have said, stop there, release it like that, and let us play and explore :) There was so much stuff there, that was implemented, th...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

The move is successful! I am here safe and sound. We had a bit of excitement along the way with surprise expenses and problems using debit cards and cash to get rental cars, and ended up renting a U-Haul of all things to make the drive (despite the fact that my boxes filled a pitifully small percen...

Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

Silverware wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:30 pm
This game includes the DEEP MAGIC!
Here is a wand that fires magic missiles, in pairs, the second of is on fire, both leave acid behind. The acid eats stone and other materials and produces flammable gas.
Ahh, I was wondering why you were stepping backwards :D

Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

This looks like such a great game, I wish I had time to play! You should be able to find time now, Josh :) Holy shit. I thought it was deader than disco :twisted: Disco is never dead! :ghost: There will be a lot of reviews coming in before the launch on the 30th, just through the hundreds of player...

Re: Underspace

With as much as people love freelancer here, I'm surprised I don't find this trailer very exciting. I guess it's because it doesn't have the elements that excited me about Limit Theory. I really want a game with markets, business/clan/faction ownership, which spurs dynamic encounters based on suppl...

Re: The End

As I suspected, it wasn't 10 months. Just 28 days out from the 1 year mark. Which for perspective is 1/6th of the development time we waited for LT. How long are you willing to wait for the code to release? As long as it takes. Josh has his own life to live now.. we're still here, lurking or otherw...

Re: Underspace

Those warp gates look suspiciously like Freelancer!
Even the graphics - it's almost like he took Freelancer and modded it into something else.. going to check the Kickstarter.

Thanks for the links :)
Although you should update your page to include the kickstarter link

Re: Elite Dangerous

So... I once again wrote something... This time useful for those who want to make a quick buck in Elite. Mining Opals or Painite are two of the most profitable (in credits/hour) activities in Elite at the moment. Here is a tool that'll tell you where to sell your hold full of liquid credits. It'll ...

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