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Re: The End

it can't possible be messier than Silver's code :ghost: Yes, it can. You haven't seen other peoples code. Mine... is relatively tidy. Those of you with weak constitutions may wish to avert your eyes from the chthonic horror that is the Super Star Trek code written in PL/I as I last updated it in 19...

Re: Random

So, in February of this year, I got diagnosed with Diabetes. What has been a rollercoaster ride of fearing food (!Yup, I was afraid to eat!), ending up with fatigue and exhaustion (from not eating correctly), achieving my first ever swim of 1km! Now I'm able to wear clothes from 18 months ago, and I...

Re: The End

Having written games - then yes - I KNOW - but what I shared was just an FYI just in case the horse was ever gotten on again. I liked everything Josh was trying to achieve and sometimes it can take just one little jigsaw piece to fall into place to help see things in a different light. Cool, but is...

Re: The End

Woot! Joshpost :D
Excellent news that you're on the mend, and so happy our comments gave you joy.
I love the idea of the equivalent 64kb visual rendering scene with LT-engine.. can we import custom music?

So what's next in the Josh-chapter.


Re: The End

Yes, it would be nice to listen to the OST for Limit Theory. From what I've heard of Francois Jolin's music I don't think I will be disappointed. :D :angel: I agree, Victor. I was thinking about the LT music recently, and had to wonder what will happen with it, or shall it forever be available only...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Trade huh... You have a copy of Starsector there Formal? That might suit you better. Nah, thanks for thinking of me though. I'd miss the ability to feeling that I am actually flying in space (with Teddo beside me, those who know, know). So, I went back the following day, and stuck at E:D, and now I...

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