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Re: The End

I was rooting for you 'till the very end, but it's important that you made the call that you know to be best for your health and wellbeing. It was great to catch a glimpse of what you're capable of, best of luck out there, and don't give up on Limit Theory, the philosophy. Every limit is a misunders...

Re: Stellaris

Tal clearly understands the anti-2.0 perspective. The funny thing is that I actually do like a lot of 4x games. I've got thousands of hours on the Civ series and other Paradox games. But, for me Stellaris was really a different genre. I remember when I saw it announced and I thought it was a sci-fi...

Re: Star Citizen

TGS wrote:
Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:54 am
Like the Starfarer for example grew massively. The Idris grew massively. The Javelin grew massively. Basically every ship has grown massively.
And the 300i got a new paintjob that just says "buy a Hornet already sheesh" :ghost:

Re: Star Citizen

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:40 pm

i actually dislike the wings the most in that thing.... i expected some slick silver dart with two turretlets from the original kickstarter description
with relatively simple, clear lines that say "fast"
Say 'boring polygon' more like :ghost: Bet you love the Cobra III too, huh?

Re: Star Citizen

i wish the fancy "beautiful" space BMW would look a lot better and would have an actual luxury entry :V because having to climb a ladder into a space where you have to crouch isnt luxurious by any means Word. They could probably cut a bit on those stilt-like gears (since the craft is probably thrus...

Re: Star Citizen

I kinda feel like CIG doesn't know what to do with the 300 series, having it sit there, mostly broken, for four-ish years, and nerfing it to the ground in the process. I just noticed that the three base models now aren't even compatible with each other anymore, it's really painful. I know I didn't p...

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