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Re: Friday, March 17, 2017

Guys, not only do I appreciate this new every few weeks update, I also appreciate the non-technical summary at the bottom of this week's submission. Since I did write some negative posts in the past about the lack of communication, I'm here now to thank you for making this happen in a normal way tha...

Re: Stellaris

I use to lurk this forum daily and couldn't find a way to stop, then came Stellaris. This is the first day I opened this website to be disappointed with no news since it's release. Be back in a month.

Re: I am just curious

I don't know if any kind of human with a tiny bit of compassion would use passive aggressiveness in this regard considering the situtation Josh finds himself in. Then again, there is already a June update anticipation thread aswell. Yeah, let's all put pressure on Josh again since that has worked s...

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