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Re: Star Citizen

Aye, got it as well. A newsletter to tell you about another newsletter you will be able to subscribe to... in a week. Such useful news :roll: As for the lawsuit, it seems this is one of those things where we as outsiders can have no idea who is 'right' and 'wrong' (both sides may be both), so specul...

Re: Music!

Oh, that wasn't while assembling the bed - the torn one was while closing my car trunk (which was very slippery due to being covered in frost) and my finger slipped, and the broken one was just due to my finger bumping into our coffee maker.
Why yes, I am occasionally clumsy :ghost:

Re: Net Neutrality

Okay, now I start getting where you're coming from. Still disagree though :) "They use more data" was the justification given by ISPs, but let's say your accusation is correct. They already charge based on data use and always have (even with net neutrality being mandated), as ar the people who use n...

Re: Net Neutrality

1. Anyone holding that first belief -- that businesses need to have the services they offer and the prices they charge controlled by the government -- has a duty to explain exactly how national price controls have ever worked, or how they will benefit consumers versus maintaining the ability of bus...

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