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Re: No experience coding, where to start to learn LTSL?

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! Seems like python is a good starting point. I found an interactive python tutorial. Should I start with Python 2 or 3? I have also dusted off my copy of X3 TC and have been tooling around in there some. I even managed to cheat myself in some money and change...

No experience coding, where to start to learn LTSL?

I have absolutely no experience with coding and wouldn't know where to start. Do any of you more experienced chaps have any, preferably free or cheap, resources or suggestions that I might look into to learn a thing or two? With the idea that I want to work with LTSL in the future.

Re: Manly beards!

I really hate that Hitler ruined the "Hitler 'Stache". I would absolutely wear my whiskers that way were it socially acceptable, it's such a clean and stylish look. Because of this silliness I just go with clean shaven since my beard would probably only grow in enough to be a coarse black "Joe Dirt"

Re: PR for Limit Theory

Not sure if anyone has suggested this (I only read the first page) but what about various gaming and sim Subreddits such as R/space sims ? What we do is get ourselves and enthralling video, post it on relavent or somewhat relavent subreddits and then we can all upvote the posts to try to get it to t...

Re: Stars and planets...

Are gas giant planets planned for LT? I haven't been able to find an answer so far. Yes. I couldn't link you to it, but yes. Thanks Talvieno. Praise Josh! So what exactly is going to stop me from flying down into a gas giant? Or any other planet's atmosphere for that matter? An invisible wall telli...

Re: AOE?

Yeah, i dont deny that.
But that is a direct hit you are describing, and not any kind of usable AoE that would harm multiple ships
Oh! I see! :think:

No! I can't! I was blinded by the blast!

Re: Missions Question

This is actually part of a greater question, how does reputation work? The jobs are posted on a public job board. Anyone can take them. Will the person posting the jobs be known? I am hoping someone who keeps putting out contracts to damage / kill other factions will start to be mistrusted and disl...

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