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Re: Josh's Next Project

I personally think his next project should be to finish his degree in university, or perhaps to get a « formal » position in a software engineering company. I think this would help him getting structure and project management skills; today, I personally have not yet the impression that he can lead ...

Re: The End

Limit Theory, its promise, its design, and Josh "wonderboy" Parnell very literally saved my life. Though not a backer, I came across it at a dark time in my life and the Daily updates in 2014 were quite literally the only reason I didn't commit suicide, the promise and the dream was just too great....

Re: Pledge Transfers

Hardenberg wrote:
Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:36 am
Oh well. My opinion on the current state of the game hasn't changed in the least bit, but it you're willing to part with some cold hard cash, I'm willing to hand my pledge over to someone slightly more optimistic than myself.
Wonder who ended buying Hardenberg's Florida's swamp land?

Re: The End

Well, I come back to check on the forum and see this. Honestly sorry to hear. Can't say I am surprised. The writing has been on the wall that this was the going to be the end result for quite some time. It sort of felt like that old pet that everyone knew should have been put down years ago but no o...

Re: Almost 6 years later?

To be fair, LT has been “getting close! Faster than ever!” stage for the last 4 years. I’m also surprised how the project turned into a full team project, like someone above has stated, funds must have been injected from somewhere. Impossible original KS funds are still a thing. I actually almost fo...

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

I feel like grumbling in general, as my millennial sense of entitlement is furious that I can't play Limit Theory NOW!!!! :lol: I think the main issue people had in the past, and the reason this thread became the top thread for several months, w...

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