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Re: (Mostly) HowSerendipitous' Train Thread

Yeah, she's brilliant. She has a whole ton of awesome biomech vehicles Tank Doggos Dragon Cannons

3D UI for VR

Most UI design is made for 2D interfaces like monitors, but as LT will be VR capable, it should probably have a 3D interface to go along with it. As such I've created a mockup of my idea for a good 3D-UI, which you can interpret as a VR version of a multiple monitor or multiple desktop display. http...

Re: Nvidia Quadro RTX

The upside about LT taking so long to develop: Since LT can scale up with more processing power, by the time it releases, everyone's computers will be much better than they were during the KS. Though I imagine that a mid-tier laptop from 2012 will still be the min specs. A budget Gaming Laptop in 20...

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