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Re: X4: Foundations - Continuation of the X Universe

Well that definitely looks pretty cool, and is certainly formidable competition for LT, as well as the others trying for a similar game. I still wouldn't pre-order on principle, but it definitely looks like it will be worth getting at some point down the line. It also makes me think that LT will nee...

Re: The aesthetics of science fiction spaceship design (master thesis)

Inb4 hyperion rolling in and complaining that some julia space set he happens to find pretty doesnt fit into the paper :ghost: :lol: Actually, skimming the paper (I don't really have time to read 160 pages right now, but i'll put it in my list :P ), it seems rather comprehensive. Of course my own v...

Re: Dual Universe

So here's an update. Looks pretty cool actually, especially the idea of a single shard that can handle millions of people simultaneously. And their focus on community involvement sounds refreshing and familiar to here.

Re: Cute Animals

here's 10 :D

Re: CyberPunk 2077

Definitely looks like a good game, i'd expect nothing less of CDPR. However i'm actually less excited for it than I was, at least based on that gameplay. From what they showed, I don't think it will be my kind of game. Your opinions are usually very well-founded. So I'm curious: why don't you think...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

The needless foul language isn't appealing to me either. You wouldnt survive a single day in common vienna conversation then :ghost: Or most places for that matter :ghost: Though I wouldn't say the foul language is needless, it fits the setting quite well, so much that if there were no foul languag...

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