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Re: Station Model Concepts

Some more Stations

Re: Ship model concepts

Sooo I got bored on pinterest, so here's some more ship concepts, stations will be put in that thread. apologies if any are duplicates, there's too many to keep track of.

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

Just thought I'd give a mention to a series on Video Game AI by Siraj Raval. At time of writing, there's only the introductory episode, but he's planning on making it a 10 week course. He has a lot of good technical material on his channel regarding deep learning, genetic algorithms, data analytics,...

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

I think LT AI have a rather different challenge in addition to combat interestingness and letting the player peek into their thought processes, LT AI need to keep the world running and interesting, at least to a degree where blackbox manipulation and regulation is imperceptible. I think delegation a...

Re: S46's mega suggestion thread (will edit whenever something new pops up from out of my brain)

Perhaps a station is to a megastation what a module is to a ship. Megastation sounds like something in the same order of magnitude of size as a planet... Perhaps a cluster of stations combining to a structure 25-200% the volume/mass/relevant stat as a planet? Different segments on the mega station h...

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