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Re: General Outline of Alpha and Beta Testing

There's been a lot of speculation about what people will or will not think, apparently we have a bunch of mind readers here :p Josh could simply ask if they have any objections to him giving beta to a few individuals who have been active on the forums but weren't around for the Kickstarter or pledge...

A Buggered Wreath

A Buggered Wreath of Quartz did hold the back of power, a sway to hind, a man too few, and so came forth a Bedraggled corpse. Supine in the midst of all chaos and brine, a reach of mirth did affect the swine. Swine have taken to the floral front, companions and compassion for the state of Now and No...

Re: Character Development

I think the difficulty for telling the story of character development won't quite be so much in causing character drift or sudden change via major event, but in the presentation and explanation of the change, it will be "in the prose, not the plot." And for that particular issue, I don't really have...

LT on an XBOX Controller

At the PAX Demos, Players were handed XBOX controllers and allowed to play demos of a narrow slice of LT. What I'm wondering is how we could get as much functionality out of a controller as possible.

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