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Re: Chasm - A Procedurally Generated Metroidvania

I missed you being around and wondered where you'd gone. Occasionally I'd check back and see if you'd posted again. I'm very happy to see you're still coming back, however infrequently. :) I'm going to send a link of this to DWMagus. He's not very active on the forums anymore, but he still comes on ...

Re: Happy birthday celebration thread

Oh, I'm late to wish Lum a happy birthday. :oops: Happy late birthday, Lum! I'm sorry I missed it. Happy birthday to you too, FormalMoss! I'm so glad you're still around. It's been a while since I saw you on IRC, though! You should drop by. :) And of course we can't forget Gunther Haldan! :D Happy 6...

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