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Re: The End

Hooooboy. Be careful with that there speculation. Exactly why I said I wasn't going to touch it. :D I'd heard people speculating though and wanted to make a clear "don't go there, that's not helpful" statement. Adam likes to use pre-built libraries and tools, whereas Josh wants to make his own. Thi...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

Recent events have finally come to a head, and I'm going up to be with Stardust as her father passes and during the funeral - leaving in about two hours at this point. I'll probably be away from the forum and IRC for a while. Not sure how long, and to what extent. Things are really uncertain right n...

Re: Kickstarter, and the "Promise" to deliver

A 50% success rate seems about normal to me. I think it's good. It does at least show there's a steady, roughly 50% chance for a chosen game to succeed (if you weed out all the obvious failures). That's not too different from the real world. In fact, some might say it's even better. A great many gam...

Re: The End

(Not directed at any one person)
Guys, let's chill here, okay? There's no reason to sling insults. I think we're all in agreement about the majority of the points being made over the past week. We're on the same side. Let's stay friendly, all right?

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