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Re: Warframe

Been playing this for the past few weeks with a few of the community members here and I have to say - it's pretty awesome. :D Especially for a free game. Really knocked my socks off.

Re: Buy real European documents, Buy original US passport, Buy registered IELTS certificate

I had Taiya kill the bot, and she moved its posts to the Recycle Bin™. I need to restart Taiya so she catches these again, but she's currently running on someone else's server. If I make her quit, I don't have the ability to start her back, so I'm waiting for them to do that for me.

Re: RIP Internet

I can't wait until this nonsense finishes up and we wind up with a solid, enduring Internet that nobody tries to bother with. Assuming that ever happens at all, of course. I'm sure it will eventually, though. I agree with everything you said there, Flatfingers. :) We may not agree on Net Neutrality,...

Re: EVE Online

I know Baile at least is a big fan of Black Desert Online. I've considered looking into it.

I'm kind of surprised this happened, though, honestly. CCP was doing quite well, or so I thought. I missed all the White Wolf RPG stuff.

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