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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

DF 0.44.01 is out! This is the artifact release, featuring the ability to send your dwarves off to cause trouble in the world, improved kobold sites, cover identities, artifact questers, and a bit of artifact diplomacy. In fort mode, the 'c' screen which used to list civilizations still does that a...

Re: Net Neutrality

I'm pretty sure that when many sites start losing their customers because of the changes, and subsequently have to put up new ads or invent new paid account plans to pay the bills (assuming they don't close down entirely, which I'm sure many will (particularly things ISPs don't want Americans to acc...

Net Neutrality

I figured this would be an interesting topic to bring up. So, to start with, I'll try to explain net neutrality (as I understand it). Net neutrality is the system put in place by various laws where the Internet is free for everyone (beyond initial access charges), and ISPs must remain neutral to whi...

Re: RimWorld

Ah, so there aren't kids? I was wondering why I never saw any kids. That explains it. I did buy this recently, though! Finally gave up and gave in. Happy with the purchase. :) Still don't like the developers though.

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