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Re: RimWorld

To my knowledge, Rimworld has never gone on sale because the devs don't want to sell it for any less than $30. That's the primary reason I still don't have it. I've never bought a game at full price (unless it was $10 or less), and I still have plenty of other ones to play.

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Girlfriend has been visiting since Friday (last time she was here was last December/early January :shock: ), so I've been "away" for that reason. She's leaving today though. :cry: After that I'll be back and ready to get this started. I'm tired of delaying it. :P I just want to get it moving at this...

Re: The Official Sales/Free Games Thread

From what I know, Mount and Blade: Warband is the best bit. Any of the DLC are fun, but unnecessary as far as I've seen. Warband is pretty awesome by itself - better than regular Mount and Blade for sure (at least from what I've seen of general user reviews). I've played Mount and Blade: Warband and...

Re: Noticed we're almost done with June and don't have a May or June update. Dark Ages once more?

That's (mostlly) what we do. I compile the devlogs into a short, meaningful summary of about 1000 words in length, and then Josh adds a bit to it/edits as he likes and posts it. It works rather well, but this time he would like to get it at the start of a month, rather than somewhere in the middle. ...

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