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Re: survival mode

I actually made a similar suggestion once, for Dwarf Fortress - where you basically survive against increasingly-large waves of enemies for as long as you can. The suggestion was very quickly shot down. "Toady already has enough to do, this wouldn't add enough to the game, just go find a good fight ...

Re: Dying

Ateerix wrote:
Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:44 pm
I should just edit my original post to say "have options" and be done with it -_-
I'm 100% for having options. :thumbup: There will never, ever be one setting that will please everyone.

Re: Stellaris

Ah, misworded. I meant "only one way to win" if you were playing solo. You could do anything you wanted in between. You could even win without a doomstack at all.

Regardless, got my point across, so I'm happy.

Re: Stellaris

The hate is very, very simple. The game, prior to 2.0, was more broken. The AI wasn't good. There was no optimal way to win. Even if you screwed up hard early on, you could always doomstack at the end and still win. This meant that you could really do basically anything you wanted. You could rolepla...

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