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Re: CyberPunk 2077

I usually try pretty hard not to get hyped about things these days, but... I do feel somewhat hyped (even despite my best efforts) about Cyberpunk 2077. :P The latest trailer, while I know it wasn't gameplay, just feels awesome. Also there seem to be some minor spoilers in it too. For instance: I wa...

Re: Stellaris

I gave it a go. It's not as bad as it was 2.0. I don't dislike it like I did then, but it still doesn't grab me the same way it did pre-2.0. Pre-2.0 I would've had a problem with stopping in the middle of a game :P That's not the case anymore (although Silverware assures me that there are DLCs avail...

Re: The End

I would agree, ResultsMayDiffer. I get the feeling he's wanting the source code to be "perfectly tidy" when he releases it... which isn't really necessary. Of course, we haven't heard from him in three months, so there's no telling what he's up to. He's likely found a full-time job though.

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